Let’s Celebrate

Give To Lincoln Day!


I’m proud to sponsor a fundraising page for
Paws Up Of Nebraska Rescue
during “Give To Lincoln Day


Five years ago I opened my studio to all local animal rescue groups.   Since then I have photographed    over 200 rescues!  That’s a lot of treats!


In the past two years I have also joined Paws Up Of Nebraska Rescue.  (I say I “joined” but actually I just barged in).   I have the pleasure of photographing the rescues, designing the website and sponsoring Paws Up’s Microchip Clinics.


This non-profit  group takes on the hard cases.  Many of the rescues are just hours away from euthanasia.  These dogs receive any medical care needed, updated on vaccinations, heartworm checks, spayed/neutered and microchiped.


Before the adoption process begins, Paws Up’s rescues are placed in safe and loving homes with foster families.  It is prefered to not board or kennel unless in an emergency situation. 


I’ve learned a lot about rescue from Paws Up.  The hard work never ends, the bills never stop and the dogs never quit coming, but the rewards are big!   Seeing them in wonderful homes, with families to call their own, makes it worth it all.


 I’m asking all of you to please find it in your hearts to click the donate button to help

Paws Up Of Nebraska Rescue continue the wonderful work they do.


     Thank you,
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